Free Realms And A Repeat

Free Realms is coming to the PS3 on March 29th. As with the PC version, Free Realms is a free-to-play MMO. But if you want to get past level 4, you need to pay a monthly or a life-time fee. Currently there is no cross-platform functionality. I.E. if you're on PC, you're not going to be playing with someone on the PS3 and vice-versa. There will be a full set of trophies that can be earned. Also, accounts are not cross-compatible. If you have a PC account it can not be transferred to the PS3. Loads of people are commenting on the blog posting, so guess there was a lot of interest for this. Free-to-play MMO's are a hot commodity these days. And you can ride a dinosaur. >.>

Oh, and hurray to this guy for agreeing with my point about a "Citizen Kane" of video games. Just not on my blog and not about me. But that's ok! At least the feelings are mutual.