Monday, March 07, 2011

Game Devs Dislike Nintendo and Apple?

In an odd article from CNN at GDC (Game Developers Conference) this past week some developers decided to diss on papa Nintendo and cousin Apple. Trip Hawkins, best know for EA and 3DO, stated that Apple was providing an illusion of a practical business model for downloadable games for third-party developers

His argument focused on the sheer number of games available for download to the IPhone and IPad. With over 350,000 apps, what's to tell them apart? Well good marketing and nice graphics would help, I'd imagine. Hawkin's other complaint is that developers aren't receiving enough back for games being downloaded, which he estimated on average about $4,000 a game.

His issue with Nintendo? They introduced licensing. Hawkins really doesn't like the deals that come out of Nintendo. He's wanting the system to go back to a simpler time. You know. Back when the video game bust happened because there were no stable business practices and everyone was copying everyone else and there was nothing to regulate the system. It's only good for third party developers for so long before it breaks apart. The article is a good, and slightly amusing, read.

Oh and Kotaku, could you please stop calling FFXIII a failure? It sold over a million within it's first month of release. It beat out your precious Mass Effect 2 on sales, released in the same month. It's received a multitude of high marks from numerous, worthy, publications. You and your staff may not have enjoyed the game, but you have a load of people commenting that did. So if you'd stop bashing, it'd be greatly appreciated.


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