Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Temporarily Powers Down

Even if you are living in a hole, you probably know about the earthquake that hit just outside of Japan on March 11, and the ensuing tsunamis. It's all a tragic loss, of course and for those looking for ways to help, if you can't donate money, then donate your time.

With the impact affecting more then the tsunami zones, several companies are in low-energy mode. I.E. in order to conserve energy from power plants that have been damaged, they are killing servers and holding back game releases until things are back in order.

SquareEnix was first by taking down all online services for Final Fantasy 11 and 14. Fans of 11, at least, are taking the opportunity to donate their monthly fee to help those in need, and I'll be doing the same. Kojima's official Twitter account has stated that they are taking down the Metal Gear Online servers as well to help with power conservation.

But a few games have been canceled or massively delayed. Tokyo based developer Irem has canceled a disaster, action game Disaster Report 4, after the quake/tsunami. Morotorstorm 3 and Yakuza: of the end, have also been delayed due to their content (urban environments depicted as ruins). Even Capcom is delaying the release of downloadable content until further notice (Marvel vs Capcom 3 additional characters).


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