Jungle Pulled. Thank God.

In the one smart move from Panasonic this year, they have stopped the Jungle project. The portable MMO system on Linux. Brilliant idea. >.> *Please note the sarcasm.*

According to Reuters, Panasonic dropped the project to focus their attention to the health-care and government fields as the market for their system has changed.  More accurately, there was no market for their system. A Linux that plays MMO's? Right. Good thinking.

While it is unknown if testers that signed up months ago were given a chance to play the system, rumors are circulating that the system was too small, too clunky, and really didn't suffice to MMO gaming on the go. And it's Linux. Before anyone yells, I have nothing against Linux. But there are so few games in existence that work on the Linux OS that to try and make a system that runs Linux and MMO's is, for lack of a better word, stupid. WoW isn't on Linux. There goes 10 million players right there. At least The Jungle gave me a few months of humor. Glad Panasonic wizened up and stopped the project.