Only 5% of games are rated M.

The ESRB released a summary of the ratings issued to new products in 2010. And it's surprising to see the chart. M rated games, which people feel dominate the market, only make up 5% of the 1,638 ratings issued last year. E takes the most at 55%. What I'm surprised to see is that T was only 21%. That's generally the rating I see the most of when I go into a store. Final Fantasy, The Sims, Rock Band, even some of the popular dancing games are rated T for some odd reason or another. So it's interesting to see that, while they take the second spot, they don't make up a larger chunk of the pie.

But it brings up an interesting point. What were the top sellers in 2010? Realistically, no one on the internet seems to have accurate numbers. CNBC says it's New Super Mario Brothers Wii, while VGChartz is going with Call of Duty: Black Ops on an international scale. But it appears to be a combo of CoD, Wii Sports Resort, Halo Reach, Red Dead Redemption, and Mario Bros. Oh and Pokemon. Can't forget the Pokemon. Ok, so a better question. What are the games that we remember last year?

The ones that stand out at Halo Reach, Mass Effect 2, Red Dead Redemption, and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. All M rated titles. But why do I remember them? Because or marketing. Those are the commercials and the massive online ad spams that I remember over the other games. Are they better games because of the marketing? I'd argue otherwise, with the exception of RDR. I think there is much more playability in DKC Returns and Epic Mickey then in Halo Reach. But, smaller studios. Smaller budget. You're not going to hear as much about those titles in comparison to the money that is dumped into the Halo franchise. Which is why there is probably there is a slight shock to see that only 5% of games last year got an M rating when advertising and the media would have us believe otherwise. So what are your favorite games? Are we really focused on the Mature titles or do we look for entertainment in the E to T range? Something to think about...