Friday, March 04, 2011

RE5, The Movie!

From a U.S. consumer's perspective, I'm not understanding why they are making another Resident Evil movie. Internationally, the series has done pretty well. The last film, Afterlife, did over $200 million. That's more then the first three movies combined. It only did $60 million in the U.S. So while it may be loosing U.S. appeal, it's a big hit everywhere else.

Good on them.

Is it becoming a little silly? You bet. But there's clearly a market for RE movies, whether we like it or not. They have steadily growing in appeal in the U.S., but not at the same rate as abroad. This is more of tens of millions, not hundreds of millions. And apparently it's the second highest grossing "zombie" related franchise of all time. Did not know that. Currently information is limited, other then knowing it's another RE movie, it'll have the same cast, again, and it'll be released in 2012. I get that it'd be impossible to do a direct adaptation of one of the games, but now they're going into crazy land on the story that none of it feels relate-able to anything in the Capcom series. *shrugs* There's a viewer base for it, so they'll keep making them.


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