Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Take-Two Casting Call.

Maybe for GTAV? That's the rumor. Take Two has posted a few listings with large talent companies seeking out voice actors. They have even listed a few characters and have described them. There's Anthony, a young boy who's fighting for the right of all boys to be able to drink and have sex. And then you have Jose, a white creepy male who thinks technology is a poison. Sure sounds like GTA characters.

The one that stands out in the casting call is James Pedeaston. For anyone who has played GTAIV, Pedeaston was a radio show host and was being investigated by the FBI for child molestation. Clearly he'd still be allowed on the air in the world of GTA.

So if you're interested in some voice acting work and a chance to be in a Take Two game, there you go.


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