Friday, April 29, 2011

Are People Seriously Worried About Trophies?

Since you're clearly not kidding about your trophies, you deserve to have your PS Blog Username shown.
In the wake of the PS3 hacking, apparently enough people were concerned about their friends lists and trophies to prompt Sony to respond to the questions.

Ok. Someone or some group of people out there have your name, address, phone number, date of birth, email address, PSN ID, and password. They "may" also have your credit card number, though Sony is pretty sure that's not the case. Your personal information was taken from you without your consent and may be used for malicious purposes. And you care about your game trophies?

This is why identity theft happens. Or at least one of the reasons. People are so worried about other, ridiculous things, that if they get an e-mail asking for their ID and password, they'll give it away. As long as it doesn't affect their gamer score. -_- In 2003, at least 10 million American's reported that they were victims of identity theft. They need to update the website seeing that it's 2011, but there aren't many stats listed on credible sources. "Oh. Well that will never happen to me." Because of the very "relaxed" state of the internet where people click on things without reading, it's actually pretty simple to give your information away to a stranger.

I'll cut the rant short. But really? Gamers. Get your priorities straight. Your personal information > your PS3 trophies.

And to answer the question, no. PS3 trophies were not affected by the hacking. Why people thought they would be? Who knows. Download history, friend list, trophies, and PS +Cloud were not affected.


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