Sunday, April 17, 2011

March Gaming Sales Drop / 3DS Making People Sick?

In comparison to last year, from $1.58 billion last year to $1.53 billion this year. Big drop. *rolls eyes* But it's still numbers in the corporate world. 16% numbers. It didn't affect investor outlook for the month as stocks rose for major companies such as Activision and EA.

While noted in the articles that the 3DS was released last month and sold just shy of 400k units in the U.S., they didn't make it clear that last month was pretty slow for games. The highlight was Pokemon Black and White. Everything else, including THQ's Homefront, was mild-mannered in marketing that nothing was anticipated as a big hit. You combine a new $250 system with limited new gaming selections, you're going to get a slow month.

In more 3DS news, The Sun, a British Tabloid, has been on a continual coverage rampage that the 3DS is making people sick to the point that they need medication. Here's the video from their WatchDog segment:

So far from what has been ascertained in the reports, The Sun has been only talking to one person in regards to sickness concerns with the 3DS system. The rest...feels like it's been made up. Nintendo has responded that they have had no complaints from consumers about feelings of dizzyness from anyone in Europe; that it may have been just a few people on Twitter making a remark here and there that got blow out of proportion. But The Sun keeps harping at it. I'm not sure what beef The Sun has against Nintendo, but they really don't want to give up.

As has been stated by Nintendo several times, and listed in their game manual, it's recommended that everyone playing a 3DS, regardless of age, should take a break from the 3D feature every 30 minutes. Every consumer is different and they should take a moment to adjust their position when using the 3DS to find an angle that best suits them. I.E. don't play the system nose-length away. There is a button on the system that turns off the 3D (it's a slider that works instantly. I've tried it. It's quite easy to turn off), and parents can use the Parental Controls to restrict 3D use on systems.


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