Wednesday, April 20, 2011

PSPGo Is No More

Shocked, but not surprised.

The system was released in October of 2009 to some wavering reviews. If you had UMD versions of a game, you weren't allowed to transfer them or download them from the Sony Store for free. At the time of the release, only older PSP games were available. Newer titles at that time, such as Final Fantasy Dissidia (which got it's own PSP system) were not made available until several months after their UMD release. Even now, some games take a month or two before being available for download on PSPGo.

With the system floundering, Sony dropped the price on the Go in the fall of 2010, but it wasn't enough. The original PSP system (1k-3k series) were still the top draw. While having good intentions, the lack of available content in an acceptable time frame, and customers having to repurchase all of their UMD products for digital form, the PSPGo wasn't meant to be.

Instead of working on these issues, Sony did something it sometimes normally doesn't do. They're stopping production on the PSPGo. According to the article, representatives are saying it's because they want to focus on the NGP, set to release later this year. But if that's the case, wouldn't they also stop working on the PSP to ensure a full push of the NGP? Nope. The original PSP system will still be in production. Just the PSPGo that didn't turn out so well for sales.While Sony is no longer going to produce the system, they will continue to support the PSPGo, much the same way that they continue to support (and sell!) the PS2.


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