Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Rockstar Continues To Be Awesome And Rejects Movie Deals

Dan Houser, co-founder and VP doesn't like the transition of video games to movies, and vice-versa. Mostly because people turn out crap products in order to make a quick dime. Which is why we haven't seen a Grand Theft Auto movie.

While offers have been made, they've been turned down because they didn't meet with Rockstar's standards. According to Houser, they either want the best of the best to work on movie adaptations of their games, or they will make the movie themselves. That way if it fails, "it fail[s] on their own terms."

While I agree that a lot of these movies/games are about making more money and less on the final product, Houser believes that each media product can be transported into another medium if done correctly. "If [they] feel the property has something about it that is universal or could work in another medium ... then that is something worthwhile," he said.

No plans from Rockstar to make any movies of their franchises. I'm cool with it staying that way.


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