Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sony Full of Fail This Week

WTF Sony - TGS 2007
First, The Last Guardian (which was announced in 2009 for a 2010 release, which got pushed back to 2011) and the Ico Collection are being delayed. Again. Both are expected a 2012 release, with Ico originally being released this winter holiday season. SCE and Team Ico are starting to become like Blizzard on their release dates. I give you Starcraft II as an example.

If that wasn't enough, we know that the Sony network has been down this week for "maintenance". Well one of the bosses came clear about it. Another hacker attack happened and Sony has been trying to keep it locked down. The Anonymous guy is stating it's not him, but of course people are all over Sony's blog about it. There have been a few outages of the Sony network over the past month. It's just one more to annoy the consumers. At least we're not paying for our service.


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