Another 10 Things

News has been light lately. Unless you want to talk about Sony. Which, of course, I’m tired of reading. The only news I want to read about Sony is when the network will be back up so I can change my password, the hackers were caught and all of the stolen data has been deleted, or Sony is offering a $500 gift card to all of its users. Ok that last one will never happen, but its fun to dream.

So I bring to you another list of 10 things I have learned from video games! Again, no particular order.

At the rate I’m going, this will be a book of silly things from video games. lol

(Any RPG) Your basic attack will always be 10 times stronger in a cutscene. So if you feel that movie camera coming in, save your energy and use a simple move.

(Any FPS) Knives will always break a window in the first hit. Whereas bullets will take at least 3 shots to break the same, said window.

(Any RPG) If you’re on any hill or mountain, you can’t simply slide down or jump over a tiny patch of dirt. There will always be a pebble in your way to prevent that from happening.

(SSX) Power lines and poles in your way? No problem. But a tree? Better steer clear.

(Any and all games) There will always be something special hidden behind a waterfall.

(Resident Evil) I know it says you only have 9 slots on your person to carry items, but you can carry a rocket launcher, a sniper riffle, and a gatling gun in your pocket.

(Final Fantasy) A Raise or Phoenix Down is only good for use during a battle. If you’re in a cutscene, you can’t save your buddy/family/love interest.
(Any FPS) If a barrel is red, it’s flammable. Shoot at your hearts content!

(Any RPG) You are always bigger then the town/city/seaside resort you are attempting to enter. But as soon as you step on said town/city/seaside resort, you become the same size as everyone else.

(The Sims) Sticking someone in a room with no doors, or removing the ladders in a pool with a person in it, isn’t the end of their lives. They can still come back from the grave, in ghost form.