Thursday, May 05, 2011

Do games make kids eat more?

Yep. This be a cake.
So today I have been attempting to find news that didn't relate to Sony. This was all that I could find that wasn't a total snooze.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, with a research pool of only 22 "normal weight" teenage boys, children do eat more after playing an hour of video games.

There is so much flawed with this research, I don't know where to start. It feels more like a Mythbusters small-scale test and they need to apply it on a much larger scale. And include females. And define "normal weight". And incorporate gaming into their daily lives. And take account their eating habits from the get-go. And determine their current lifestyles. And not make a baseless assumption over 22 kids. >.> The research went something like this: the boys came into the facility twice a week. One day they would play an hour of a soccer game and have lunch. The other day they would sit for an hour and do nothing and have lunch. And then track their eating habits for the rest of the week. They found the day where they played an hour of gaming, they ate a little more then the day where the sat and did nothing. Extremely effective research, don't you think?

Jean-Philippe Chaput, the lead researcher, believes that this is one of the few tests that focused on how video games affected eating habits. But it's not due to an increase in appetite or a hormone imbalance. He believes it's all mental. That the brain is undergoing stress from playing the game and our body responds by craving for food to help put it at ease. 

Personally, I wouldn't bother making this more then a passing thought. It's a flawed study. 22 teenage boys of unknown weight/health/lifestyles /= every human being on Earth. But knowing Fox News, this would be a huge headline to help scare parents into thinking all media, except Fox News, is bad for your family. 


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