Sunday, May 01, 2011

Free Playstation Plus For PSN Outage

I'm not entirely convinced that this will give people what they need for having their personal information stolen and Sony not compiling with PCI rules regarding credit data, but that's what they're doing. Services will start to be restored during the week on a regional basis. And to thank people, or deter them from sewing, Sony is offering Playstation Plus for free for 30 days.

Each region will receive free download of some sort, Qriocity will be free for subscribers, and that's about it. The PlayStation Sore will be down a little while longer to ensure none of the hacked information is used to purchase things through Sony's services. I'd imagine that's not the hacker's intent and they'd probably want to go for something much bigger outside of Sony, but you know. Sony is as Sony does.

As a consumer, a month of Playstation Plus doesn't make up for what happened. To utilize it, I'd still have to buy things from their store. So really, it's asking people to come back to spend more money. *shrugs* Is this whole ordeal going to make me stop playing my PS3? No. It does, however, want me to stay on Sony's ass to make sure they resolve this ordeal and ensure it does not happen again. My hope is the lawsuits will punch through their brains that securing ALL data is important.

Aisde: If you haven't picked up Portal 2, now would be a great time. is offering 40-42% off the PC and Xbox 360 version. Not the PS3 because everyone is complaining about the no co-op thing with PSN being down. lol


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