A movie and a game about pirates

Saw On Stranger Tides opening day and had a chance to play with the new Lego Pirates of the Caribbean game. Both, I shall say, were an enjoyment and compliment one another in odd mannerisms.

First the movie. Better then 2. Way better then 3. The first of the Pirates bonanza is still the best. What made On Stranger Tides better? No Elisabeth and William. Sorry Keira Knightley. While I applaud your acting ability, your role really needed to be toned down for 2 and 3. And Orlando Bloom. Yeah. I’ve got nothing.

OST (lol) had a focus on the original Pirates, um, values. It’s about being a pirate, finding the lost treasure, without an overbearing need to be humorous and bits of love sprinkled in. And Black Beard, who’s the quintessential of all pirates. All in all, it’s what you expect out of a Pirates movie. It’s nothing scar winning, but good, pirate-loving fun.

And the same can be said about the Lego Pirates game.

If you’ve played one Lego game, you’ve played them all. But it’s a formula that hasn’t been a hindrance to the series. If anything, it’s allowed the popularity to grow to a size no one has imagined. Starting out with a Star Wars movie here and there, moving into Batman, Rock Band, and soon a Lego MMO.

What makes the Lego games work is their ability to take the original movie sources and put their humorous Lego spin. Let’s be honest, as much as we want to take Star Wars seriously, there are moments where we go “ok, wtf, that’s too silly to be a possibility.” I give you the Ewoks as an example. The Empire was taken down by a bunch of teddy bears. How is that not funny?

So in a way, Lego and Pirates goes hand in hand. You have Jack Sparrow’s aloof nature, the comedic timing of Mr. Gibbs, the simplicity of the crew of the Black Pearl. Stick them in Lego form and it all works. Which is one thing that I did like about the Lego Pirates game. It doesn’t go overboard (no pun in tended) on the comedy. Sure you have a burp joke on occasion, but for the most part, it restrains itself on the comedic aspects. You’re not getting the comedy of Lego Batman. You’re getting all 4 Pirates movies in Lego form.

My only negative thus far is that it’s another Lego game. So you already know what’s going to happen and how to play. Even the style of game play hasn’t really changed. But if you want good fun without taking your children to a PD-13 movie, this is the way to go.