Sunday, May 15, 2011

PSN is back up. Sort of.

On this, my 300th post, I get to talk about Sony's screw up. Whoopie.

Here’s the roundup on how to get back online:

After you initially connect online (with your old password), you’ll need to download the latest firmware update 3.61. This took me roughly 5 minutes.

Once the system has restarted and you attempt to login again on the PSN, a message will pop up stating your password is no longer valid. At which point, you’ll need to change your password.

After that, you’ll be kicked back to the home screen and need to sign in again with your new password, after accepting the new Terms of Service dated 4/1/11. I won’t lie. It’s super fing long. But oh wait! After you accept them, you’re sent BACK to the home screen and have to log in one more time before you can get online.


But once you go through all of that song and dance, you are back online. Because I’m anal retentive, I did another password change. To do another password change or to change it for a secondary account, you need to be logged in to PSN and select Account Management under PSN. Enter in your old password and then create the new one.

The services that are up and running again are online multiplayer, chat, friendslist, trophies, PlayStation Home, Hulu, Netflix, and, PlayStation Store access will be restored at a later date.


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