This Wins The "Most Rediculious Reason To Boycot A Game" Award

First, read this. Or if you want to be lazy, you can watch the TWO videos this news station felt the need to make. It must have been a slow news day.

A father in Charlotte, North Carolina is upset about a comment made by a character in Portal 2, regarding the player character being adopted. The father felt it was offensive and wanted to tell news station WBTV about it. And of course it got spinned into "this is the most offensive thing a video game has ever done!"

Interestingly enough, the father says he enjoys playing Portal 2 with his adoptive daughter (and if you didn't see the adopted kid incoming, you need to be hit with the obvious train a little more often) and finds it to be a great game. It's just that one little line to taunt "Chell" he doesn't agree with. And yes, the news station really does need to take a course in journalism. Since when was Sony been the soul owner of Portal 2?

"WBTV contacted Sony, who we thought distributed the game. As it turns out they only make Portal 2 available on their console.  They told us to contact Valve, the company that  created the game.
We emailed the company's human resource department and left several voicemails but have yet to hear back from them."

I sincerely hope neither Valve nor Sony will return those calls. They have much better things to be doing with their lives. 5 seconds on Google and they would have figured out Valve created the game. I hate to say it, but I'll have to agree with one of the comments on the story. Someone is trying to make a name for themselves out of nothing. And maybe focus on news around the world, like the fact that there are still a lot of kids in this world that go hungry every day. Let's write a story about that. Not about a meaningless line in a video game that affects no one.