Uncharted Movie Change

The high ambitions of director David O. Russell were too much for Sony. It was recently announced that he will no longer be directing the live-action Uncharted movie. And may be taking Mark Wahlberg with him. Sounds like a double score of greatness to me.

While Russell is known for taking his time with a project, see The Fighter as a reference, this is one of those where he was charging forward at a much faster pace. So fast, that he had already turned in a good chunk of a script and would only use the title of the Uncharted game and a few character names. The story was suppose to be an art-heist movie involving a family of international thieves. Think of a really bad interpretation of the Ocean's 11 franchise and that's the story. Coupled with high ambitions, the lengthy script was part of the reason that Russell and Sony parted on the project. No "official" comments from either party, but I think there are many of us that are happy with this outcome.

So now the throngs of fans will start up the Nathan Fillion support group to get him to be Drake. I still endorse this option. Wahlberg's draw to the project was the director, so there is a lot of potential that his involvement will no longer happen. Sony still plans on making a film. They're looking at new screenplay writers to fill the slot. Here's hoping for the best!