Thursday, May 19, 2011

Whoopsie Goes Sony Again

An exploit has been found in their new password update system that can allow hackers to easily jump in, steal your password, and change it without your knowledge simply by using an email address and date of birth.


Because of this, Sony has taken down all of the password change measures except through the PS3 and PSP. Those are apparently the only "safe" alternatives. While Sony is assuring customers that they were not hacked again, it doesn't deter the masses from growing concern that Sony really isn't taking this whole hacking thing seriously.

To the PSN users, just be wary of any emails you may receive over the next few months. Phishing can happen at any time, but with 77 million emails potentially on the loose, it's something to be aware of. BTW, thanks Sony for that. Since the hacking I dealt with a spam message maybe once every 5 months. Now I get them daily. I'm blaming you because I don't give that email out to just anyone or anywhere. That's why I have a spam email. >.>


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