Monday, May 09, 2011

Will EA Never Learn?

Nope because people still buy their products!

Crysis was recently discounted on Steam by a pretty large amount, down to $29.99. It's still $59.99 at most retailers. So of course people jumped on it. However with the large influx of sales that neither Steam nor EA anticipated, a lot of the registration codes didn't work. So people spent their weekend going back and forth between Steam and EA to get a working code. Most were unable to play until Sunday evening/Monday morning, a few days after purchasing their product. It might not be a big deal to some, oh no you didn't get to play your game as soon as you bought it, but as a consumer, to have to wait for a product that you've paid for and downloaded on the spot, is shifty. You got the download version for convenience and availability. So of course you want to play it right there and then.

Here's the issue. Steam had the codes ready to go for customers. EA never activated them. And I, knowing all too well how EA works (which is never, hah!), they like to circle-jerk people and push the blame right back to the retailer, in this case Steam. They've done this before when Warhammer Online was released. They gave out codes to retailers for a pre-order item, but never activated them. So instead of, you know, activating them, they sent everyone back to the retailers for new codes that would also, not work. No one ever seems to believe me when I say the horrible things that I do about EA. And my endless frustration with their customer service over The Sims 3 was still not enough for them to turn. Feel free to view the Steam thread. It's full of amusing EA goodness.


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