Guess Who Got To See Ninja Gaiden 3 This Weekend?

If you didn't answer "me", as in me-me the person who write this blog, then you fail.

Team Ninja was making a special appearance at A-Kon 22 this weekend for a Dead of Alive tournament and to show off Ninja Gaiden 3. It was a load of fun.

So first impressions are that it looks really pretty. I noticed that the gameplay felt much more finger sensitive, if that makes sense. I.E. there is no delay in when you press a button on the controller to the character's reactions. So you slice and dice with ease and speed like a ninja should. Like the past Ninja Gaidens, you know what to expect when you jump into the game. Lots of button pressing for "cut-scene" moments. Lots of blood. Lots of stabbing and some beheading. The kids probably shouldn't be in the room when you play the game. XD

The demo allowed us to view the first level of the game. Maybe not in it's entirety, but it sure was a long ass demo. One thing that did disappoint me was that Hard Mode wasn't Hard. At least not Ninja Gaiden Hard. Granted there is probably an Extreme mode that unlocks after completing the game on Hard. But most of the players were choosing Normal because it's Ninja Gaiden. We expect Hard to kick out butts and cause us to hit the "Continue" option on the first level. But not in the demo. My hope is that it's just because it's the demo and the real game will have a challenge for "Hard". As it stands, Hard and Normal modes didn't really feel any different. Other then it taking another second to kill a bad guy.

Otherwise, it looks really pretty on PS3. Even overheard the Team Ninja guys talking about how much better it was on the PS3 then the 360. And yes, I giggled at that. Glad that we all agree about the power behind the PS3. lol Good demo, I'm just hoping that they didn't dumb down Extreme mode this round.