Jack Tretton Says "We're Sorry"

Sony E3 conference is up. And if you're like me and watching on PlayStation Home, it's not up! Instead we're getting trailer fillers for products that have already released.

Jack has apologized on behalf of the entire company (bold man) and began by talking about how the PSN usage went up 27% last week. Well. Duh. Free games. Who wouldn't want that?

More to come as I watch on G4 since PSN is failing.

8:30-8:40: Uncharted 3. Resistance 3. It's the year of the trilogies!

8:43: PlayStation 24 inch TV for 3D, widescreen, duel-player (not split screen but special glasses). Available this fall with glasses and Resistance 3 will be available for $499 along with a 6 foot cable this fall. Not bad.

 8:45: Still nothing on PlayStation Home.

8:50: Kobe Bryant is on the stage for NBA2K11. Not in the finals (go Mavs!) XD

8:52: Up on PSN, but incredibly laggy. Lots of buffering. Just stick to G4TV.

8:53: Put on your 3D glasses kids! But what if you don't have any? Well you're foobared!

9:04: Sly Cooper is coming back. But didn't they show this last year? For Move? Or am I mistaken? >.>

9:15: Bioshock Infinite (3), Saints Row 3. Seeing a pattern, yes?

9:26: NGP is now called PlaystationVita (which means Life in Spanish. It's also the name of a German company that makes dental prosthetic). Vita will be linked with AT&T (moans in the audience) for better online communications.

9:48: New info for Street Fight vs Tekken. Will also be made available on Vita.

9:56: NGP will be on sale this holiday season for $249 and $299 (WiFi and a 3G/WiFi model respectively).  Still don't know what that means for us PSP owners. lol

And that's it. All the things we already knew. Nothing really new.../sigh. This is turning into a giant snore-fest. You can't end a show with "the best is yet to come" and cut if off! Yeash.