Microsoft Live

Currently watching on GameSpot. Within the first 2 minutes, we have the first glitch! The controller lost connection. XD

Not watching on because they want you to download their windows thingy. Yeah. Pass. I'll update this posting as it continues onward.

First 10 minutes: Modern Warfare 3 gameplay. Saw it coming a mile away. Still don't care about it.

12:41 EST: Welcoming speech. "Last year the biggest year in Xbox history." 5 bucks Sony will say the same thing about themselves!

12:43: Crystal reps displaying Tomb Raider demo. Very gritty and a lot of non-painful moaning. >.> But it looks a lot like the RE5 add-ons with the way the game moves. Pretty cool. Fall 2012 release announced.

12:50: Peter Moore being Peter Moore. EA going full on Kinect with sports. Attempted to do the South Park line, but failed miserably at the humor.

Mass Effect 3 time. So let's play the, we already knew that, game. Talking about MW3. Talking about ME3. Talking about another Tom Clancy game. Talking about the same EA sports games. 30 minutes in and I'm ready to do something else. Time for more sewing!

More about the "new Xbox experience." Which they do every year. Anyone else get creeped out when you talk to your Xbox like it's a human being? "Xbox Play. No PLAY. P. L. A. Y. No I didn't say LEGO!"

1:11: Exclusive titles time. Gears of War 3 (Already knew about it).  Remastered Halo Anniversary (knew that). Forza 4 (knew that). Another Fable.

1:28: Now this is something that IS new. Sort of. Minecraft is coming to Xbox Live! For reals. It's been talked about but now official, official. lol

1:30: More Kinect stuff. Here's a good rule Microsoft. If you're going to have kids come on the stage, don't give them lines to remember. That play-by-play from the kids sounded super fake. And there's Kinect Star Wars. Again. It was suppose to be out last year. /clap Also, not holding the lightsabers correctly.

1:56: More Kinect. Dance Central 2 (knew that). Sports 2 (knew that).  Ending with a teaser for Halo 4. (knew that).

Ok Yeah. Microsoft. I'd like 2 hours of my life back please. I gained nothing out of your press conference that we didn't already know.