Nintendo With a U!

They're up on stage now. Of course I've missed portions of it because I had to deal with real world things. So I'll have a better recap later. For now the pieces I have seen include the following:

A special edition Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword will be released this holiday with a spiffy golden Wii Remote.

The Wii U (seriously, Nintendo is king of the worse console names) is a new controller that allows you to play with all of your Nintendo products in a new way. You can use it to move your game from your Wii to the controller and play on the go. You can draw with it. Use it as a new targeting system for shooters. Toss it on the floor and give you a new view of your golf ball for Wii Sports. Interesting idea. It looks like a giant IPad, but with thumb-sticks. lol

Nintendo is trying really, really hard to have more T and M rated gaming content. Ninja Gaiden and a bunch of shooters were shown. *Pst. Nintendo. Here's a hint. If you want these to work, ALLOW FOR ONLINE GAME PLAY GLOBALLY, NOT JUST LOCAL.*