Saturday, July 02, 2011

Still MIA

Sent my computer back. It was returned to me with additional problems. Yippie. -_-

So another short post so you all don't think that I've left for good. I do apologize that these have been short and not as in-depth as I'm use to going. Smart Phones are not known for being great with typing, even with the auto-correct turned off.

I was going to post a link from an article in the Washington Post about a rediculious POV from the video game supreme court case, but found it was a Letter to the Editor, so dismissed it. It's not worth the time to discuss.

Well there was the recipiant of a G.I.R.L. scholarship aimed at getting women into the gaming industry who gets $10,000 and an internship with S.O.E. Mostly I think the name of the scholarship is dumb and slightly offensive. Couldn't make it less demeaning, could we?

Found this odd mention of "Should BestBuy buy GameStop?" 1-it won't happen. 2-Totally bypassed the partnership between Barnes & Noble with GameStop which would play a big role in any "buyouts" that may or may not occur.

And loads of July 4th Sales. So yeah. Enjoy. I'll be back to normal posting eventually. /sigh


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