Sunday, August 28, 2011

1 Person = 1 Million PoV's

You could always do this in the Sims.
So if you don't already know about this, Elder Scrolls V is allowing gamers to marry anyone in the game. Via Twitter, someone suggested that the concept was "hush, hush" to which it was responded with "it's just not being played up." I mean, it's marriage. They don't want the focus of their game to be about gay relationships (right BioWare?) but about the story, the interactivity, and the options presented.

The Canadian Business website (legit source, I know) took it upon themselves to research it. And based their findings off of roughly 1k comments on an IGN article.Which reminded me of South Park. Because those 1k responses clearly show that a vast majority of gamers are against same-sex marriage. -_-

While I do feel that some aspects among the community should change, such as 'gay' being used as a derogatory insult, the article's lack of real research leaves for something to be desired. I'm sure if someone put some effort into it, they would find that a majority probably don't care about the issue (i.e. it doesn't matter if you're straight, gay, bi, etc.) and wouldn't say harmful things to gay people. Most of what I have read for games involving same-sex aspects, most people really don't care. It's not an aspect of the game they intentionally seek out to play, nor will it prevent them from buying the product. It's just a part of the story.

It might also be safe to assume that those insulting gays, women, etc. are younger people who don't know any better. But I'm basing this off of the "That's So Gay" ads that have been targeting teenagers to stop using that phrase as an insult. Yeah it doesn't sound any more logical then equating 1,000 online posts to a majority of the gaming community hating on same-sex marriage. Thanks Canada!


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