Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Boring News Is Boring.

You know it's a slow week when you see a "video games lead to aggression" article. This one they tested on 42 college students with 2 pretty crappy games, Conan and Fuel. And then they did a taste test? I gave up on this article at that point. Too many flaws, too few subjects, not enough range of subjects, and a taste test to determine aggression? Really?

And then you have this gem titled "Don't hate the new player, hate the new game." Nifty title. I don't know what the hell the article is about though. I guess they're saying more women are playing now due to different types of games being made available on multiple platforms outside of gaming consoles. But by the title of the article, it infers that people don't like the newer players. Yet there's nothing in the article that would make us think otherwise. It's very dry, dull, and has 0 relationship to the title. It's just saying "there are new kinds of games out there." Ok. Cool. Why did you have to write an article about something so obvious?

News for gaming has been such a bore the past few weeks. *poke Konami* Why don't you all announce a MGS/ZOE cross-over. That'll give us something to talk about. >.>


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