Monday, August 15, 2011

Game Nation Partners With Atari

It's an underground thing, but Game Nation is an experimental video game theme park and resort. Basically it allows you to live in a video game, for the time you are there. Disney World for big kids. So Atari has jumped on board with the project by offering some of it's 8-bit classics, such as Centipede and Asteroids, to the park's potential game line-up.

Not a bad concept in general. It's like the movie Gamer but not as crappy. And you're paying a lot more for it. Again, a big kids Disney World. Concepts for the park have been drawn up, but Game Nation is spending at least 12 months to decide on a location. They've even opened it up to their FaceBook fans to help them out. Only 1k likes on their page. That's how underground this thing is. But teaming up with developers can help bring some new fans into the mix.


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