Tuesday, August 02, 2011

How Video Games Keep Me Thin

Mmmm. Pacman Cupcakes.
AKA: How I started boredom eating when I was without my computer.

Before I hear anything from anyone, my computer is a laptop. If it were a desktop, I would have fixed the issues myself. But being warranty conscious, to repair the problems with my laptop it would have required gutting the entire computer. Not so fun.

To begin with, I’m not advocating that this is a diet plan and if you really need to lose any weight, you should check with a physician and all that. I’m just sharing my experience over the past few weeks.

Now I’m a slender person in general. I actually need to gain weight instead of loosing it after getting sick a while ago, and I haven’t been able to get it back as easily. But it’s interesting to me to hear all of these stories on the news about how children and teenagers are getting fat because of video games. A good number of people I know who play video games are pretty active and are the opposite of what the media likes to portray. Instead of gaining weight, video games helped me maintain my weight.

I have a pretty set eating schedule. I don’t over-eat, nor do I under-eat. I have lunch and dinner every day with a morning and an afternoon snack of something related to fruits and/or veggies that’s no larger then a granola bar so that I’m not hungry all day long. It’s a good system.

Having my computer out of my hands, played through my catalog of games, I was getting bored. To the point where I didn’t know what to do. Being bored led to hunger. Hunger led to eating. So I was eating out of boredom, something I’ve never done before. It was odd. It still is odd! I can’t conceive of the concept in my brain. Or rather, I get it, and yet I don't get it. >.> Because video games keep me busy! It allows me to stick to my eating schedule. It’s almost one of those things where if I’m busy doing something, the hunger thing doesn’t happen. I’m not ignoring my body because if I need to eat, I will eat or I’ll get an obnoxious headache. Rather, my spacing of meals is better managed because my attention is pre-occupied. Best done with gaming then with anything else. A book will help sometimes, but when it's for school, I can only take so much of it before my brain explodes.

So there you go. Video games keep me thin. Send it out. Print it. Enjoy! XD Oh, and I gained 4 pounds within a week. That's not healthy for anyone, after the last time I spoke with my doctor. That's how bad it was.


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