Tuesday, August 02, 2011

I’m Back!

I'm.    So.    Happy!!!!!
Not in the saddle again, but close enough.

Dear god have I missed my computer. *hugs it like no other, but not so tight that it breaks again*

I have a word of warning to anyone who purchases a Toshiba. Forgo the warranty. Or at least see if they will not send your laptop to the Kentucky repair center. Mine STILL has an issue with it. Someone took a knife, or something sharp, and made a large scratch over the mouse pad on the laptop and the 2 buttons below it. Pretty damn noticeable at that. 43 days without my computer. Three times it has been sent to them for repair. I’ll deal with it. But did let them know how sorely disappointed in their services I am. And I still have another year left on the warranty with them. >.> If it weren’t a laptop, I would have said screw them, and fixed it myself. /sigh

So. Damn. A lot of stuff has happened since I’ve been gone. The 3DS is getting a price drop. The Old Republic pre-sales have started and it has a chance at releasing early 2012. Comic-Con. I mean…damn. So many things to catch up on. Dah! First post of all of the crap I’ve reflected on these past few weeks coming up!


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