Wednesday, August 10, 2011

RE5 or 6: The Movie!

Say what you wish about the Resident Evil movie franchise. It has gotten more popular with each successive film. Internationally, people LOVE this sh*t. And it's finally building a base audience in the U.S. jumping nearly $10 million more in box office sales with the last film, Afterlife 3D.

So of course they're making another movie, Resident Evil Retribution, which will start production this fall with Paul W.S. Anderson writing and directing again, with his wife Mila Jovovich as Alice once again. People keep saying it's RE5 due to the content of the script, but really it's the 6th film that will be released with the franchise.

Just like the last one, it'll be in 3D (which, what isn't these days. BTW, Wesker throwing his sunglasses at the camera was stupid and completely predictable for a 3D moment). And Anderson has been listening to the fans of both the games and the movies, so he says. They plan on bringing back Jill Valentine (seen at the end of Afterlife in her battlesuit from RE5-the game), and incorporating more of the game characters such as fan favorite Leon Kennedy, and Barry Burton (Jill Sandwich!). The movie is slated for a September 2012 release.

Now for my thoughts. There has only been one video game movie in my mind that really worked and that was Street Fighter, in all of it's corny gloryisness. Mortal Kombat comes in a close second on being most like it's video game counterpart.

The RE movie franchise is one that takes great liberty with it's source material. While I believe that the games would make for a great direct to movie adaptation, based on the game play and how scenes of intense "horror" are shown to the gamer, making an exact copy of the games to the movies wouldn't have worked. It would have been a disaster. Then we as gaming fans would have been expecting so much more instead of a copy/paste of a game we've played, that probably had better voice acting (regardless of the weird dialogue translations).

Love it or hate it, the movies aren't stopping. They have been growing stronger with each release. If you are a fan of the game, you probably won't like the content of the movies. So I offer this advice to you: don't think about the games when you're watching the movies. Enjoy the show for all of it's weirdness and you'll have a better understanding on it's popularity.


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