Wednesday, August 24, 2011

SNES Is 20 This Week

And it just adds to my age.

Oh how I remember that Christmas when we got our SNES and could not put Super Mario World down for the life of us. The countless, controller throwing hours of Super Metroid. Oh the greatness of it all.

A few websites are offering their list of favorite SNES games, even the tiny news stations. Destructoid is offering a full week of SNES goodness. For many of us Gen-X'ers the SNES was the thing. There was nothing better! My favorite story of the week is the top 25 best/worse SNES box art.

Dust off your SNES or fire up those emulators. You know it's nostalgia week! A quick list of things you should probably pick up and play/replay before the week's end:

I hope I'm not the only one that watched the TV show...
Most Humor: Earthworm Jim. Even as an adult you'll get a kick out of this. It's a worm in a spacesuit built by Professor Monkey-For-A-Head, and involves cows, against queen slug-for-a-butt, and I think you have to save the girl. While originally for the Genesis, the SNES version was by far the best version. Crisp, clean, and hit the right target audience.

Best Replay Value: Super Mario RPG. No matter how many times I've seen the ending, I always wanted to start up another game and try to pick up the things that I missed the first time. It's the first collaboration between two companies that made me have high hopes for Square's future.

Most Awesome: Chrono Trigger. And if you argue against that, then you clearly fail at understanding the greatness that is. Just go play and it will all make sense.

Most Underrated: Earthbound. Big success in Japan. Poor reception in the U.S. It's a role-playing game but it used a different point of view from other RPG's, i.e. not top-down. No random-encounters. And not the usual battle system. Really, it's just a fun story to play through. Crazy, silly, over the top, but meaningful. Well worth a playthrough.

Best Platformer: Donkey Kong Country. I listed it as my #4 of top 10 favorite cartridge games. It showcases the power of the SNES with it's visuals while keeping the gameplay simple and the story fun. And the minecart levels. Oh my god the minecart levels. That is what DKC is all about!

Shove it Slippy! Just stop talking! >.>
Best Nintendo Licensed Game: Mario Kart. The one that started it all. It is the only game in the Mario franchise that I will willingly purchase every single version of. It is just that fun and challenging! You can't tell me that mirrored mode on Rainbow Road at 150 CC is the most annoying thing possible. But it is so worth it when you win that race. Oh so worth it.

Most Ridiculous: Clay Fighter. Take Mortal Kombat with Street Fighter. Make them out of clay people that can elongate their arms and legs. Throw in some really stupid catch phrases, weirdly deformed characters, and creepy clowns, and there you have it. Go look. It's just weird. And it even got spinoffs!

Required Play In Order to be an SNES Fanboy: Star Fox. If you don't want to kill Slippy after playing this game, you are officially an SNES fanboy. You have been baptized.

Happy gaming!


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