Thursday, September 01, 2011

18:58 of torture

No point in discussing the Team Bondi thing because everyone's already talking about it.

But yesterday a failed Comedy Central pilot was plopped up onto Kotaku. Basically it's The Soup meets Web Soup but about gaming. It's pretty bad. The humor is very forced, a little vulgar (because saying the f word is always funny!), and a jumbled sequence of stories.

The host is Jonah Ray from The Nerdist podcasts. He's pretty good when he's not trying to be funny. Emphasis on not trying. When he is, it's pretty sour.

And after watching the first minute of his "show" I can see why it wasn't picked up. A few commenters suggested he try Spike TV or G4, but this seems like it would have potential as a web series if changes were made. Such as not jumping from news to web videos to game play and using information that's more then a year old. Better format and a different host and we'd have some potential.

So go watch if you have time to kill and see how long you can last!

And with that, I'm out for the weekend and I'll see you all on Tuesday.


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