Thursday, September 29, 2011

Continuing the subject...

I'm just going to leave this here:

Didn't I just have a discussion about this issue like a week and a half ago? Photoshopping this woman into pornography crosses the line into insanity for hating her.

And this one here (NSFW due to language):

I'm all for being a sexy geek female, but stay classy ladies. You don't need to show the world your goodies and say "hey I'm smart too!" because most people will never see that. They look at the cover and decide from there. Very easily goes back to the Slave Leia argument that many dress in that manner to get attention. If done well, a costume can be sexy and classy. The same applies to daily wear. A shirt that fits (not tight, but fits) says a lot about you and how you value yourself. That is way more sexy then a bikini. Women of the geek universe, you are allowed to feel good about who you are. You are allowed to be sexy. Just keep it classy and you'll make every geek woman's lives a little better.


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