Saturday, September 10, 2011

Something Out of Nothing

You know when it's a slow news week when people feel that a small flash game should warrant deep discussion about real world violence. A website called Technorati is doing just that. The game? Tea Party Zombies Must Die.

What Technorati is insinuating in their piece is that games such as this are promoting real world violence. One look at the game developers website and you'll find that it's meant to be humorous entertainment. With other games such as Celebrity Kung Fu and Killa Kitties, it's clear that the website is not trying to endorse the killing of people. In fact, they're zombies. They're already dead. Maybe they're making a political statement, but is a flash game no different from the black and white drawings we see in the Sunday paper making satirizing the nation? If you saw a horde of zombie "Tea Party" members in the NY Times as a political drawing, you might chuckle and move on. I'd argue that Tea Party Zombies is no different. Discuss!


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