Saturday, September 24, 2011

SW:TOR Release Date and Stupid Pre-Order Bonuses Again

SW:TOR release date announced along with pricing plans. Which seem a little much if you're only going for a one month subscription. Prices go down if you get the 3 month or 6 month plan, but there you go. Discussion about it can be found on the game's forums. That's about all I can really comment on it; just information that's been released to the public. lol

For the past day or so, the Arkham City bonus if you pre-order from GameStop has been airing on TV (Comedy Central mostly), and this is one that truly annoys me. I enjoyed Arkham Asylum. It was a twistedly fun game. So I've been looking forward to City and the insanity that is bound to ensue. Instead of the typical bonus of a weapon, or character skin changes, this bonus is an entire level:

Not cool.

I really hate pre-order bonuses like that. It really means that I have no way of completing the game. Ever. Because people will have access to that special content only if they pre-order with GameStop. Which, with my past with the company, I no longer use. Even better is if you get the Collector's Edition, there's another map/level that "normal" copies won't have access too. Can't blame SE this time. WB Interactive got the rights back to make this version. Thanks for screwing over your customers again. Another game that I will never be able to complete. Whoopie


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