Friday, September 16, 2011

TGS Madness Continues!

This is one of those years that I wish I could be there. After the let-down of E3, we needed a strong showing of games for the next year. TGS isn't disappointing. Another round-up heading your way, but there's so much news it's making my brain go crazy!

Dragon Quest X - Do want! Gameplay footage in the movie posted on Kotaku. Think of it as Phantasy Star Online, in that you can go online with DQX, but it's not an MMO. Downside? It's on the Wii. Not exactly the strongest system in the universe to handle online play, but hey, it's online. Hopefully it's not local only. -_- I'm looking at you Nintendo. Fix that please. Now. SE will also be releasing a DQ Anniversary pack of games 1-3 on a disc for the Wii as part of their 25th anniversary. SE is going to be busy this upcoming year.

RE Revelations - Other then the one character with the ridiculously impracticable haircut and the open wetsuit (not the best thing to wear while fighting zombies missy), this looks to be really clean for a 3DS game. On the plus, you don't get to play the stupid haircut woman. You get to play as Jill. It is the bridge game between 4 and 5, since 5 does start out a tad wonky. Even the back story they try to present to you still feels out of place with how 4 ties in.

Katamari for the Vita - New features and taking full advantage of the touch screen system. I know all Katamari games may look the same, but they really do add some new stuff with each addition. You can now stretch and squeeze the Katarmai to have it pick up objects in the world in new ways. You know those flat pieces on the floor that you never could get to attach, such as chalk drawings or paper? Well now you can squish your Katamari to pick those pieces up! I'm curious to try this game out with the touch screen and see how it feels.

MGS3 Snake Eater 3D - New screenshots. Based on the footage, this is turning into a very pretty looking game, possibly better then the original. But what I have been reading is that the controls suck without a second thumb-stick. Which is probably why Nintendo is releasing an add-on. I can only hope that the game will play better that way, because I want this.

Ni No Kuni coming to the U.S. - The beautiful collaboration between Level 5 and Studio Ghibli will be making a U.S. appearance. Here is their trailer from last year, so you can imagine how much more gorgeous it looks now. As for price...well I hope that $115 tag won't transfer over.

More SE Nerdgasims - FF Theatrhythm Game. (It's a rhythm game like Elite Beat Agent, so don't expect award winning battle game play.) Chrono Trigger, DQ, and Ithadaki Street for android along with FF Legends. Army Corpse of Hell, a hack and slash with a touch of Pikmin where you control an army of Goblins to do your bidding. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy is a new 3DS game (RPG of course) that takes advantage of the motion controls for the system AND cool use of AR cards; good job guys now I really want a 3DS.

Team Ninja - Dead or Alive 5 has been announced as well as new details for Ninja Gaiden 3. The game-play for NG3 will have 2 modes, Ninja and Hero. Ninja focuses more on the action, Hero focuses more on the story. Definitely different from what I experienced when I had a chance to see it in person. But it would also explain why the game play felt a little easier then it should. I do hope that the final version will allow the player to choose easy/normal/hard core/WTF modes along with the style of play.

Ok so...I need to get a 3DS (after the peripheral is released) and a Vita. Damn you TGS! You make my wallet cry.


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