Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thanks Capcom. Now Get Back To MegaMan

 The full trailer for Resident Evil: Revelations has been released. A lot of us are really happy with the outcome.

If you don't want to watch, I'll give you the recap. The lady with the worse haircut imaginable for a military operative doesn't last for long. In fact, she's not even a playable character. She's just cannon fodder for the virus infected crew of the ship.

I realize that I'm further enhancing the negative points of view regarding this character, but in all honesty this was pretty lame for Capcom in the creation department. She's a blond-headed, long hair, big chested woman being overly exposed, on a boat of god knows what, and she's expected to defend herself? On the one hand, I'm glad Capcom went with the silly and did kill this woman off. On the other, the same impact would have been achieved if they used someone who didn't look so blatantly sexualized. In fact, let's make it a S.T.A.R.S. operative. That would have made the story a little more enticing. Unless she is from the same team, then they really need to be more strict about their hair/clothing requirements.

Is it necessary to call her a bimbo? No. Does her attire reinforce the negative stereotype? Absolutely. Capcom in the future if you want to do something like this, at least make the characters looks practical. Could have done a Jill on this one and have the hair pulled back. Would it have been that hard? Well if they wanted unnecessary attention for marketing, they got it.


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