Saturday, October 22, 2011

BlizzCon 2011. Pandas and Pocket Monsters!

This sounds like every 5 year old's best dream. Ever.

With BlizzCon being held this weekend, press releases and news about the company are flying all over the place. The most surprising has been the new World of Warcraft expansion pack and their in-game pets.

Mists of Pandaria.

Yep. That's the real name. It's been a known product for a while now, but I think we all assumed it would be a brand new title that had little to no affiliation with WoW. Well guess not. Now you get to be a panda! A monk panda at that! There's a little girl inside of me that squees at the idea of being a pande in a video game and kicking ass. But not in a Kung Fu Panda manner. Not so good of a game.

And while the Blizzard PR people keep screaming "it's not Pokémon", every WoW pet owner will see their little buddies transform into xp monster stompers.

If you want your full WoW news over the weekend, wowhead has the most comprehensive guide up and running, live-blogging during panels and such. When the new expansion pack is out, the pet battle system will kick into gear, allowing users to battle their pets against one another. You can also go out into the wild to collect and fight new pets. Random, rare pets will appear under certain conditions and only on certain maps. You will also encounter enemy trainers for your pets to fight. Defeating them will help you unlock special trainer powers.

Yeah. It doesn't sound AT ALL like Pokémon. Just keep telling yourself that guys. While you're making the grown men cry, you might just pick up a new crop of kids.


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