Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting In Trouble With Claiming Game Footage As Reality

Almost 2 weeks ago, a few observant viewers noticed that footage from a documentary called Exposure - Gaddafi and the IRA (which aired in the U.K.), used gaming video from ARMA II and claimed it was footage from a 1988 terrorist shooting. Unfortunately the video comparing the two has been removed from YouTube (possibly a cease and desist from both ITV and Bohemia Interactive), but it was pretty obvious that someone took a standard video recorder and filmed a person playing ARMA II.

Mark Spanel, CEO of Bohemia Interactive, was not aware of the game's use until Kotaku contacted his company for comment. My favorite quote of the article:

but that after viewing the show he's baffled how the documentary makers could "make such obvious mistake."

Well the British regulators of Ofcom are wondering the same thing. They are starting and investigation to see if it was truly a mistake, or an intentional misuse of incorrect footage to provide a misleading point of view. AN ITV spokesman has stated that they will re-edit the documentary with the correct footage, but no date has been listed as to when this will be made available and currently all copies of the documentary online have been removed. What's at stake? Some pretty hefty fines and potentially stripping away their license for press credentials which could royally screw them in the long run.

I'm still amazed that they thought it wasn't game footage. Then again anything with a shaky camera is apparently meant to "look" real. *shrugs*


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