Friday, October 21, 2011

Mario Kart 7 Online Info. Thanks Nintendo!

A legitimate thank you from me. You're starting to listen Nintendo!

At their press conference yesterday (they're having quite a few this year!) Nintendo released info on how Mario Kart 7's online game play will work.

The online system will revolved around the Mario Kart Channel, the 3DS counterpart to the Wii version. People will be able to view other racer's scores, connect with new people through past races, make groups, and community leader boards. Up to 8 people will be able to play at once.

There is also a system called StreetPass and SpotPass. StreetPass allows you to exchange data with friends and rivals such as racing times, coins, scores, etc. SpotPass is the exchange of ghost data. Why they needed to separate these? Who knows.

One can assume that this will be more then Local Play Only, a death trap to many DS titles. From the way it sounds, this is an online feature not only by country, but globally. Nintendo is also going to introduce a system to deter cheating, but did not go into detail as to how they plan to achieve this. All in all, welcomed changes.

Mario Kart 7 will be available for the 3DS on December 4th (tentatively).


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