Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PSN Break-In Attempt Again!

This is slightly different from the big hacking earlier this year, but it's along the same lines of concern.

Sony found someone, or some group, attempting to use names and passwords taken from another website and see if they match up to PSN accounts to steal. Sony estimates roughly .1% (or 93,000) accounts globally were affected. Those accounts have been locked down and will need a password reset. You won't know if it's yours until you log in, unless you're an SOE user then you'll get an e-mail.

It's a good message kids to not use the same password on multiple websites. I know it can be difficult. I myself at my old job had 12 different passwords for each program (and none could share!), but it's the way of the world. There are some people out there that are waiting for you to slip up to steal your info. So be careful.


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