Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Joining the Mass Collective

I've signed up and posted on Destructoid.

And I now have a Kotaku account.

I also have the Twitter. Though to be fair, I've had Twitter for a while, but it was to get the free chocobo avatar item for the Xbox 360. >.> I have my priorities.

I'm branching out to try and embrace more social media. How often I'll use some of these, such as Twitter? Who knows. But hopefully you'll enjoy my imprint onto the gaming sites.

Edit: Slight update. Kotaku isn't allowing me to comment. >.> Before anyone asks, yes I read their FAQ and know all about how their system works. But it should still allow me to submit a comment. Instead I get an error. Thanks for keeping the system convoluted Kotaku. I'll try a few more times taking some filters off, but if it doesn't work, well then this was a wonderful exercise in failure.

Edit to the Edit: Got it working. Also decided to make a Fan Page on Facebook for my cosplay stuff. I may make one later for The Geek Spot (TGS!) depending upon the number of views I get per month.

Look at me. I'm going all viral. rofl


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