Monday, November 28, 2011

Toilets and Games

Apologies for the lack of postings. No I didn't forget. I got caught up by the TOR Weekend beta since everyone I knew was going to be on at the same time. Now I really can't wait until the launch.

I could talk about the Cyber Monday gaming deals, but you all already know about Cheap Ass Gamer. So let's talk about something different.

Toilets and video games.

Two wonderful inventions have now been spliced together thanks to a bar in London, England.

Currently it's for men only, but the bar owner hopes it'll attract new customers and keep the old ones returning. It works like this: You go to the bathroom and depending on how long you go and your aim helps you rack up more points. >.> I think this was designed to make sure men stopped urinating all over the place.

Do we really need something like this when we go to the bathroom? Sure gaming in the bathroom might be fun once in a blue moon, but I'd imagine talking to a woman at the bar would be more fruitful for your future existence instead of how well you can aim. Just a thought...


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