Friday, November 11, 2011

WTF Skyrim?

All of the gaming blogs and forums were nice and quiet.

Then on Wednesday, BAM. Skyrim all over the place.

The heck is going on?

Skyrim, aka Elder Scrolls V, releases today. And it hasn't made a peep until this week. Just go search through Kotaku's archives. Most of the stories will have been posted within the last 72 hours about Skyrim. >.>

I can't even log into a testing forum for a certain game without seeing pages of topics about it. And no one gave a damn a month ago. "It's the most anticipated game of all time!" Really? I didn't realize it was coming out until Wednesday. And didn't MW3 try that already? Silly EA.

Anyway, I'm not against Elder Scrolls V. It's a good series and probably a good game. But my god, it just jumped up out of nowhere and has taken over all of the gaming sites that I can't find any OTHER news. -_- Some of us care about the other stuff please. Thank you!

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  1. This thing has been all over my facebook newsfeed for what feels like forever. I don't know why websites haven't been talking about it, but people definitely knew. I don't really care, I have no interest in it either.


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