Amazon TOR Shipments Early...But There's A Problem

I got mine today. I was expecting a manual the size of the bible considering how much more I was paying compared to most MMO's. Nope. Just a box with 3 CD's and the product key. Wow. Thanks BioWare/EA.

Amazon shipped the game early after getting an ok with BioWare and to help ease up their X-Mas shipping.

But if you got the Collector's Edition, you might run into a problem. Some people are stating that their boxes arrived without the game and product key. You know. The thing you NEED to keep playing after Early Release. One person noted on the forums that their box only contained the game case. All of those bonus goodies they paid $100+ for are MIA.

BioWare has posted to contact their Customer Service center. Their wait times are UNGODLY right now so good luck with that. No reports on the other editions of the game being "damaged." Mine is in one piece. But a pity manual would have been nice.