Friday, December 02, 2011

Character Day and A Crappy Game Movie List

Ok. Why wasn't I made aware that today was video game character day? I would have totally dressed up when I went to the bank this afternoon. That would have been great!

Apparently it's in note of the 17th anniversary of the Playstation. Why people are dressed as Sonic and Mario, who knows, but it's a nice thought.

And then there is this horrible, horrible list. 8 video game movies "we" want to see. And by "we" we mean the writer who isn't aware of any gaming movies prior to 1998. Metroid Prime I'll let slide. It has potential, but we've also seen with the latest Metroid game that if anyone other then the original team touches the series it turns to crap.

Then you scroll down and see things like StarFox. >.> Slippy is annoying enough in a game. I don't want to see a big screen version of it.

Virtua Cop, PacMan, Sonic the Hedgehog? What are you smoking mister because you need to pass it around. And Mario? You want a Mario movie? I think you have forgotten that we got one already. We really don't need another. It's awesomely bad just the way it is. Just stick to what you know in your future entries; games are not it.


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