Sunday, December 04, 2011

Do Want!

Even though I can't use my Mii as a character, I so want this game. Oregon Trail for the Wii. Oh the nostalgia!

If you are in your mid 20's, you played this as a kid in the schools computer lab with their one crappy computer. Probably a Mac. Not saying that Mac's are bad, but that's all we had back then.

But this version is a little different from what you remember as a child. It's a full 3D realm experience that allows you to drive the wagon. Yep. You get to drive the wagon. The game doesn't do it for you, though there might be an option to do that. Not entirely sure since information about it is extremely limited.

You can also customize your wagon with multiple colors, styles, shapes, etc. and your riding crew. Again, no Mii. I think that would be kind of funny to have my Mii get dysentery. XD

You have an option to go through 3 different story lines over a series of time periods. You can fish and hunt apparently. It sounds like a well-made upgrade from the original. So much so that I want to play it. >.> And at $19.99 this might keep me preoccupied until TOR releases. lol


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