Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Harmonix Getting Paid

After a long-term dispute, Viacom is expected to pay $383 million to Harmonix, the guys that made Rock Band, for failing to provide bonus payments based on sales of their products. As to be expected, Viacom is attempting to overturn the ruling made by court-appointed arbiters, which if you read my post about Sony's new Online TOS, trying to overrule an arbiter is pretty damn impossible.

As part of their deal for buying the studio, Viacom gave Harmonix $175 million up front and agreed to make bonus payments later based on sales. Viacom has paid over $150 in bonus payments, but claims that Rock Band never brought in revenue due to it's high production costs, so they stopped sending money. It's a lot of he said, she said, and fine print reading. The bottom line is that it's good for Harmonix in the sense that the money will supposedly be redistributed to create new titles. How likely that is? Who knows.


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